Summer school of Urban Morphology

Međunarodna ljetna škola na temu Urbane morfologije (ISSUM-International Summer School of Urban Morphology) održana je u Rimu od 20. do 28. lipnja u organizaciji talijanske mreže ISUF-a (International Seminar on Urban Form) i KAEBUP-a (Knowledge alliance for evidence-based urban practice).

As part of the activities planned at this summer school within the KAEBUP project program, a Professional Development Session was held in Rome from 23 to 24 June as a joint meeting of professionals, experts and researchers who are responsible for activities in the KAEBUP project. At the PDS, participants were introduced to a number of local practices and projects aimed at fruitful intertwining of research and practice, developing theory and business models for sustainable urban development, and exchanging their own views and views related to topics of general importance; from understanding historical forms of urban development, revaluation of modernist architectural heritage in interwar Italy to the problem of arranging efficient and sustainable public transport infrastructure and designing programs and good practices aimed at ecologically and energy efficient management of historical architectural heritage and urban units. As a representative of SFius, Dario Vuger participated in the development part of the summer school.