SF:ius is a non-profit association from Zagreb founded with the aim of interdisciplinary research, analysis and giving voice to interesting untold stories from the social fringe, relying on artistic, advocacy and activist work.

SF:ius advocates for the articulation of critical attitudes towards narratives produced by actors in positions of power while maintaining a position in the discursive space of the “social edge”. For SF: ius this means a non-partisan and independent departure from established social paradigms and a focus on topics that are left out or underrepresented in the dominant structures of knowledge and meaning production.

SF:ius uses an interdisciplinary methodology, which includes, but is not limited to, artistic practices and political analysis.

Thematically and substantively, the programs follow current problems in the field of philosophy, artistic practices and art theory, memory studies, history, politics, and social theory. The programs rely on scientific research, artistic, advocacy, and activist work.

The purpose of SF:ius is to promote equality, egalitarian distribution of power, equal opportunities, sustainable futures, social justice, and innovative solutions to social tensions.