Talking with Dafne Berc and Dino Belamarić

In collaboration with Literary Club Booksa, a presentation of the project HEALING THE TERRITORY Nº2: MOLAT will be held in the park in front of Booksa.

HEALING THE TERRITORY Nº2: MOLAT is a new media production with an e-publication that presents the results of multidisciplinary research and a workshop on speculative urban discourse. It is the result of SF: ius' collaboration with architects Dafna Berc and Dino Belamarić, who have been continuously working on the analysis of the healing of territories, the development of urban installations and performative exhibitions since 2016.

The research dealt with the area of ​​the former fascist camp in the bay of Jazi on the island of Molat, which existed between 1941 and 1943 and whose consequences on the socio-spatial constellation of Molat are still felt today. As an element of the dense network of fascist death drives in the northern Dalmatian area, the camp occupied a large and at the same time the most attractive part of a relatively small island and with a capacity of about 3000 prisoners and over 800 killed greatly exceeded the previous capacity of the island. However, in the geomorphological sense, the territory of the Jazi bay has always been a valuable spatial resource, not only of Molat but also of the Zadar archipelago to which Molat belongs. In addition to being one of the main accesses to the island by sea, Jazi Bay has been used for many years as an accessible beach that the islanders have gradually arranged themselves, as an important and one of the few informal spaces for social gathering and recreation. As such, the territory of the former camp and today's bathing area is the subject of microcolonization spatial planning aspirations. Consistent with the predominant constellation of capitalist relations of production, the consequence of such an exploitative logic of territorial management is a disruption of its socio-economic viability and the island’s inherent identity. 

Architects Dafne Berc, Dino Belamarić and ethnologist and cultural anthropologist Tomislav Augustinčić will take part in the presentation. Iva Jelinčić, Marko Sančanin, Josipa Lulić, Paula Marinović, Dinko Kreho, Marin Berović, Ena Jurov, Ena Grabar and Tihana Pupovac also participated in the production.

DAFNE BERC is an architect that specializes in urban theory. She studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam and the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya in Barcelona. She dedicates a large part of her work to the study of spatial issues in a broader socio-cultural context. 

DINO BELAMARIĆ is an architect who combines architectural-design practice and urban research. He is the author and co-author of various architectural and urban projects. His current work is increasingly focused on the research sphere and the realization of problematic lectures, exhibitions, articles, workshops and related formats. 

TOMISLAV AUGUSTINČIĆ is an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist with a research interest in the study of social memory and a coordinator of international programs and projects of the SF: ius association.


The presentation of the e-publication is supported by the Kultura nova Foundation.

The event will be held in compliance with all epidemiological measures and recommendations.