International Workshop "Dialogue Practices for the Protection of Anti-Fascist Heritage"

Workshop dates: September 3 - September 5, 2016
Deadline for applications: August 25, 2016.

Spomen Park Bubanj, Niš.

From legislation to the revitalisation of monuments

International workshop "Dialogue practices for the protection of anti-fascist heritage Zagreb 2016." will address the concept of monumental anti-fascist heritage through four categories and offer views / perspectives on how the fundamental values ​​of anti-fascist heritage can be preserved and what they can offer to modern life and its future sustainability.

1. “Policymaking”: legislative issues
2. Conservation practices: preservation and promotion of anti-fascist heritage (modalities / mechanisms, current situation, future visions)
3. Revitalisation (artistic and activist practices)
4. Artistic valorisation of historical events (Boris Bakal)

* Thematic performance "Battle of the Neretva", Shadow Throwers

The workshop leader is Sandra Uskoković, art historian and co-mentor Boris Bakal, artist / activist and public historian. Within the three-day program of the workshop, the participants will dedicate one day to a visit to the Dotrščina Memorial Park in Zagreb.

The workshop "Dialogue practices for the protection of anti-fascist heritage Zagreb 2016" begins on Saturday, September 3 and ends on Monday, September 5, 2016. The program of the workshop includes two working days of educational and lecture character, one day for a study trip to the memorial park Dotrščina (Zagreb), and one evening for the thematic performance The Battle of the Neretva. During the workshop, participants will have the task to process a "case study" and write an essay from one of these categories.

Official language: Croatian-Serbian (B / H / S) and English.

The workshop is open to young professionals (up to 35 years) and students from the humanities, arts and social disciplines: architecture, urbanism, art, visual culture, geography, anthropology, sociology, conservation (heritage protection), history, art history, archeology and associated fields.

The application consists of the following documents:
- completed application form;
- short CV, sent by e-mail (2000 characters maximum).
- motivation letter, sent via e-mail (3600 characters maximum).
Contact to send resume and cover letter sfius (at)

Participants from the region (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia) were covered for travel, accommodation, food and work materials.

The workshop within the platform "Inappropriate Monuments" is conducted by SF:ius from Zagreb. The international platform “Inappropriate Monuments” was created in order to establish a framework for long-term cooperation of partner organizations from the countries of the former Yugoslavia whose work raises issues of revaluation and protection of the monumental heritage of the National Liberation War. The workshop was financially supported by the Balkans Arts and Culture Fund.