Presentation of the publication “Geographies of Segregation” + discussion “The Struge Case”

Tuesday 3/22/2016
Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, Šubićeva 29, Zagreb

Publication "Geographies of Segregation" was created as a final product of a two-year partnership project of the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery and the association Social Edge: Interesting Untold Stories (SF: ius), ARCHIsquad, and the Roma Youth Organization (ROM). Starting from the research of the housing conditions of the Roma community in the city of Zagreb, the area of ​​interest of the publication expands to eventually include the issue of social housing in general and related spatial marginalization. The publication consists of six short texts and contributions, which aim to contribute to the current debate on the lack of sustainable housing policy, and the range of topics includes a croquis on the history of national housing policy (Tamara Bjažić Klarin),attempts to take care of housing needs on the example of Novi Jelkovac (Antonija Komazlić & Jere Kuzmanić), a proposal for a “temporary” solution for improving Roma housing conditions (ARCHIsquad), a description of current strategies and public policies aimed at improving Roma living conditions (Nikola Puharić) and, finally, a reflection on art projects that take socially relevant topics as their starting point (Tihana Bertek)

By talking about the "Struge Case", we intend to present the part of the project that is not represented in the publication, and which has been accumulated through field research and communication with the inhabitants of Roma settlements in the city of Zagreb. The first field in the research phase of the work on the publication was the settlement of Struge. Half a year later, on November 21, 2015, HEP, ie the competent city authorities, without informing the residents, cut off the electricity to the entire settlement. Under these conditions, 10 families with more than forty minor children currently live there. Through the conversation we will try to reconstruct the "Struga case" as a paradigmatic example of urban negligence. We will outline the institutional framework of the system of Roma marginalization, but we will also try to indicate guidelines for potential problem solving.
Bojan Mucko (moderator), Osman Muratović (Zuralipe association specializing in humanitarian aid and advocacy) and Safeta Mašić (resident of Struga) are taking part in the conversation.

The project was supported by:
City of Zagreb - City Office for Education, Culture and Sports
City of Zagreb - City office for social protection and people with disabilities
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia