"Territory as a record - Figures of southern Zagreb"

Modulor Gallery, CKT, Stara Trešnjevka Park 1, Zagreb
opening Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 7 p.m.

Teritorij kao zapisThrough cartographic and archival material, the exhibition interrogates the processes of the emergence of the southern (today's New Zagreb). The method of superimposing known, but also for the first time published historical maps tries to penetrate the circumstances of the genesis of this area. The aim is to valorize the erased layers that have been partially or completely covered by urban fabric.

Unlike the usual initial "myth" about the tabula rasa, which is based on the complete vision of "South Zagreb", it seeks to reconstruct and valorize the history of this area from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day. Through a series of characteristic events, the occurrences and disappearances of activities imprinted in the substrate of the New Zagreb territory are monitored, and they are placed in space, but also in time as an analytical framework for further research.

This space is observed through a dynamic history of writing and erasing, actions and retreats, which has resulted in a rich accumulation of diverse spatial fragments. The territory of the right bank of the Sava is analyzed by a series of figures that represent important natural and anthropological components of this area, as well as a whole series of engineering and planning interventions that have left their traces - deposited as the records shown here.

Special emphasis was placed on the study of the genesis of the Brodarski Institute and the Zagreb Fair as one of the turning points in the extremely accelerated development that followed their completion, and irreversibly changed the centuries-old untouched Sava floodplain.

Authors of the exhibition: Melita Čavlović, Lana Lovrenčić, Antun Sevšek.
The exhibition was created as part of a multi-year research project.

The project was supported by:
City of Zagreb - City Office for Education, Culture and Sports